February Mover’s development update

3 min readMar 3


Hello, Mover Community! We have prepared our development update for February, in anticipation of our upcoming TGE. This month marked a significant achievement for our team as we underwent a rigorous security audit with the assistance of Tetragaze. We are thrilled to have you on board with us during this exciting time, as we’re working towards a cross-chain future.


We have created a special token claim platform with the utmost convenience and ease-of-use for our users. It allows token holders to easily assess all the periods of unlocking and vesting. To demonstrate token claiming features a demo version of the platform is available at the following link: https://demo-claim.mov3r.xyz/


The Mover Staking Program is designed for Mover token holders and those interested in holding $MOVER tokens for the long-term. This program provides a one-time opportunity to stake tokens and earn a profit from holding them. The APR depends on the duration for which the user holds the tokens, with longer durations leading to more favorable terms.

It’s important to note that this staking program is available only to our community: the Mover IDO participants and those who will receive an airdrop, neither team nor our pre-seed investors will have access to it. The program will be time-limited and of course no new $MOVERs will be issued as Community & Growth allocation will be used as a source of rewards.

Additionally, we plan to announce a staking program for token holders who didn’t receive tokens during the first distribution or who want to stake them again. However, this program will offer lower APR.

Bridge Updates

This section will provide updates on the development of Mover and its components. It’s worth noting that we have developed a lot of functionality and are currently testing it in our test environment. However, we have yet to release it to the public.

Security Audit

As we previously mentioned, passing the audit was a crucial milestone for Mover as security for the bridge is paramount for the project’s reputation and the safety of our users. To ensure a thorough and accurate audit, we enlisted the help of top experts in cross-chain protocols and interconnectivity.

Although the audit didn’t discover any critical vulnerabilities or issues that could have jeopardized our users’ funds, together with the Tetragaze team, we did identify some potential issues that could have impacted the functionality of our relayer. All necessary steps were taken to address these issues, and we’re proud to report that the audit was successful and users can safely interact with Mover.

Safer infrastructure

This month marked another milestone in our efforts to optimize all processes within Mover, ensuring faster and smoother operations. Our modern architecture enables transactions to run in parallel mode, without any delays caused by increased load. This has created enormous potential for expanding the number of supported networks and increasing the volume of cross-chain communication, which we’ll discuss next.

Preparing to add new EVM networks

As mentioned previously, our architecture allows us to add an unlimited number of new EVM networks, which we plan to do in early March. Our current focus is on adding networks with the highest TVL to provide maximum liquidity and enable users to send their funds to Aptos with minimal delay and maximum security.

The first network to be added soon will be BNB Chain, which is a priority for us due to its high liquidity. We’re pleased to have received strong support from the BNB Chain community, which will contribute to the further development of Mover in this direction. Following BNB Chain, we plan to add the Polygon network, Optimism, and Ethereum. We’ll make decisions on additional networks based on criteria that align with our values and the priorities of the Mover community.

Test networks

It’s worth noting that some networks on our roadmap have not yet launched their mainnets. To ensure they work flawlessly with Mover, we’ll add them to our test environment, which will be deployed soon. This will give users the opportunity to test these networks before they go live on the main network.

Currently, we have developed and tested a bridging module for Sui, and it will soon be added to the supported networks within the public Mover test environment.

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Mover, the first cross-chain bridge and messaging protocol that will connect Aptos to other blockchains.