Introducing Mover Champions Program

3 min readSep 1, 2022

Hi, Mover community!

It’s time to lift the veil of secrecy surrounding the roles in Mover’s community.

As you all know, we had phenomenal success with recruiting for an Early Mover role. But this is not the end of the story.

First, we give everyone a chance to take their deserved place in Mover’s community with two additional roles. For our Early Movers, we introduce an opportunity to grow and become true Champions of the community.

For all this, we are launching the Mover Champions Program on the CREW3 platform, so that you can track your progress and get rewarded for your contribution. We will gradually reveal how your roles will shape Mover’s perks, prizes and bonuses.

In this article, you will learn what are the new roles and how progress is measured. Make sure to register for our Champions Program on the CREW3!

Mover Champion Program on

Key roles

With Champion Mover and two additional roles, our community now has 4 roles:

🏆Champion Mover elite members, core community contributors and our most relentless advocates

🥇Early Mover — passionate and enthusiastic movers of our community who first answered our call and supported us right from the start

🥈X-Mover — experienced members who have already started climbing the ladder

🥉Y-Mover — our newest recruits who are on their way to the top

For each of the roles, we will create a separate channel on Discord where users with each role will communicate, coordinate and share the news.

Earn experience to get roles

To get a role, you will need to get a certain amount of experience points (XP). The table below shows how many experience points are required for each role:

Roles and the XP required to get them

Note: Don’t forget to claim your 5,000 XP if you already have an Early Mover role!

The way to the top is lined with interesting tasks. Do not miss an opportunity to complete a challenge, win a contest, or contribute to the community in a number of different ways! Have fun, advance through ranks and get rewarded!

Here is a sneak peek at some of the activities and how much they worth:

As the Mover Champions Program develops, there will be many more tasks that you can do on a daily basis. After gaining enough XP, you will be promoted to your next role!

What’s next

Once again, we can’t stress enough how much we appreciate your support in the development of the project❤️

We will soon publish more details on our Mover Champions Program. So don’t forget to follow us for more updates and rewards opportunities!

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