Mover Champion Program: Round 2

Hey Mover Community!

It’s been more than two weeks since the launch of the Mover Champions Program. During this time, our community has shown unprecedented enthusiasm, loyalty and dedication. All of you worked hard to make this program a success.

Today, we are going to look back at what has been achieved and what’s coming next, but before that, our team wants every member of our community to know that we are honored to have you on-board.

What we achieved

There is no other way of saying this — Mover Champions Program has become an overwhelming success.

In just two weeks, more than 100 participants have managed to reach the Mover Champion role. It’s absolutely amazing! Everyone of them had to go to great lengths to achieve this, and we deeply appreciate their effort.

Thanks to them and many others, our community has ranked first on CREW3 activity leaderboard, with 7500 Movers completing more than 70,000 quests! Our members have translated articles, made videos, funny memes and beautiful fan art, posted awesome tweets and created buzz all over social media! Overall, our community has created a huge amount of content in more than 20 languages. All this pushed our project to the next level and inspired everyone in our team to work even harder!

Reward Distribution

We are true believers in the WAGMI principle. That’s why our team is working hard to finalize a fair and inclusive reward distribution mechanics. We will be releasing more details on it soon, but there are two things we can announce right away:

  1. The rewards for Champion Movers will not depend on the number of people holding this role, but can depend on Champion’s XP
  2. Early Mover, X-Mover and Y-Mover will have reward pools shared among those who hold these roles.

What’s next: Mover Champion Program, Round 2

The first round of the Mover Champion Program allowed our early and most loyal Movers to prove themselves and reap special privileges for their contribution. Now we are ready to announce the second round of our Champions programme. It will reflect our rapid growth, deepest respect for our community and unwavering commitment to the principles of fairness and inclusivity.

Some of the major changes are:

  • We add more interesting and complex tasks
  • For the best art, memes and videos we will give a special Artist role
  • Tasks will award 50% less XP (XP already acquired will NOT be affected)
  • We will ban those who have submitted content of other members as their own

Reducing the amount of XP awarded for completing new tasks will make the system more fair for those who supported Mover from the very beginning. But at the same time, it will leave doors open for the new members. There are plenty of unique opportunities coming and it’s never late to join us in this epic journey!

New rules come into effect on 22 September 2022 (UTC, midnight). We hope that you find these rules fair to everyone and beneficial for community as a whole.

Finally, there are some major news coming very soon. Stay with us and remember — opportunities don’t happen, we create them!

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Mover, the first cross-chain bridge and messaging protocol that will connect Aptos to other blockchains.