Mover July Development Update

2 min readAug 9, 2023

Hello there, Mover community! With the conclusion of July, we’re enthusiastic about divulging the events that unfolded throughout this time frame. Furthermore, we’re prepared to furnish you with thorough information regarding our noteworthy achievements.

Mover’s top achievements for July:

  • New network — zkSync
  • $3 000 000 bridged by Mover
  • Work in progress: $MOVER staking

New network — zkSync Era

Our efforts to enhance the Mover ecosystem’s capabilities persist as we broaden the array of supported networks, aiming for the most streamlined and user-friendly cross-chain bridging solution. As a result, we’re introducing additional networks to encompass a diverse spectrum — spanning from highly liquid networks to those embracing cutting-edge technologies. In July, we achieved successful integration of the ZkSync Era Network, seamlessly linking it with all other networks that Mover supports.

$3 000 000 bridged by Mover

We are excited to share the news that we have reached an important milestone in Mover’s development: total assets crossing the bridges of our platform have surpassed the $3,000,000 mark. This significant moment underscores our continued dedication to improving our platform and ensuring a high degree of trust from our users. This growth in bridge volumes confirms that Mover is becoming an important link in the cross-chain interactions ecosystem, and we aim to continue this upward trend.

Work in progress: $MOVER staking

We are committed to further developing and expanding the scope of the $MOVER token, making it an even more useful tool. Currently, we are actively working on developing staking functionality for the $MOVER token on our platform. This innovative addition will allow token holders to not only actively participate in the life of the platform, but also generate an additional source of income.

The staking functionality will help strengthen participation and support for our community, as well as promote sustainable growth and development of our ecosystem.

We believe this initiative will add a new level of flexibility and benefit to $MOVER token holders, and we look forward to providing them with this capability in the near future.

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