Mover May Development Update

3 min readJun 5, 2023

Greetings, Mover Community! As we bid farewell to the month of May, we are thrilled to update you on the events that unfolded during this period and provide you with comprehensive information about our noteworthy achievements.

Mover’s top achievements for May:

  • Opensource Aptos Contracts
  • Launched Mover on SUI
  • Added customer support service on Mover
  • $1,000,000 bridged by Mover
  • New Mover website

Opensource Aptos Contracts

We strive for complete transparency in Mover’s operations, especially when it comes to our contracts, which serve as its foundation. We have put in significant effort to ensure maximum convenience and simplicity in interacting with Mover, while also ensuring the security and thoughtfulness of our contracts. We proudly declare that the Mover smart contracts on the Aptos Network platform are now fully open source, allowing everyone to independently verify them and enabling developers to utilize them for their projects.

Add SUI support

Mover diligently prepared to support the SUI Network long before its official launch on the Mainnet. Our contracts underwent thorough preparation and rigorous testing by our team in a test network. Now, the moment has arrived: SUI is officially on the Mainnet, and we proudly provide seamless and fast cross-chain interaction to fully support it.

Added Customer support service on Mover

In our pursuit of providing maximum comfort to our users, we came up with a brilliant idea — why not offer a support service on the Mover platform, allowing users to reach out for assistance when needed?

And, of course, we decided to bring this idea to life. Now, Mover users can easily access support for using the application at any time by simply filling out a form on our website.

1,000,000 bridged by Mover

We are pleased to announce that the bridging volumes on Mover have exceeded $1,000,000. This is a significant milestone for us in the development of Mover. Ahead of us lie numerous supported networks and, of course, many satisfied users.

New Mover Website

As promised earlier, we have developed a new design for our website. We have incorporated the latest Roadmap and additional information, and now all the links to our informational sources are conveniently located in one place. Moving forward, we will regularly update the information on our website as important updates arise.

Our socials and contacts

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Mover, the first cross-chain bridge and messaging protocol that will connect Aptos to other blockchains.