Mover Pre-Staking Program

2 min readMar 9, 2023

This article will cover the pre-staking process, which has been implemented as part of the Mover Claiming Page. We will discuss how the process works and its benefits for token holders.

If you own an IDO allocation or an Airdrop distribution you automatically become a participant in the pre-staking program. This program is available exclusively to token holders from these categories.

Pre-staking is a special kind of staking that allows you to earn $MOVER tokens simply by keeping your tokens on the platform. You do not need to take any action to participate.

The program uses a compound interest model, meaning that your earned tokens are added to the amount of staking every week, increasing your profit.

The pre-staking program has a time limit of 6 months, it won’t be available after that. It is important to note that claiming tokens from an allocation that participates in the pre-staking program will terminate the program, and resuming it will not be possible.

Please be cautious as requesting tokens from an allocation that is part of the program automatically disqualifies you from participating in it, and rejoining is not possible.

Pre-staking Mechanics

The allocation that participates in the pre-staking program starts generating profits in $MOVER tokens from the first day. However, the earned tokens can only be received after a certain period. The program incentivizes holding tokens, and the APY grows according to the following rule:

  • 50% APY during the first 30 days of holding the tokens
  • 75% APY from 31st to 90th day of holding the tokens
  • 150% APY from 91st to 180th day of holding the tokens

If you claim tokens before the end of the current period, then the tokens earned during this period will not be received.

Vesting tokens

By maintaining your participation in the pre-staking program, any tokens that are unlocked through regular vesting scheduled will be automatically included in your active stake. More information about vesting and unlocking can be found here.

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