Mover Roadmap: above and beyond Bridging

4 min readDec 6, 2022


More high-performance, energy efficient and low gas fees L1 blockchains (Aptos, Sui, etc) and L2 platforms (Starknet, zkSync) appear daily. This has the potential to enable many novel blockchain applications and allow companies in different industries to use blockchain in the next bull cycle. Mover is poised to play a key role in this development.

New Paradigm: Cross-chain as a Service

“How do we go about selecting a blockchain?” This is the question many developers, startups and existing companies ask themselves. We believe a better question is: “how do we build a dApp that will run cross-chain from day one?”

Mover answers this question by building a “crosschain-as-a-service” platform, with adapters supporting all popular blockchains.

We believe that the migration of Web2 projects to Web3 space will be the main driver for future growth. Today there are a lot of projects aiming at improving the Web2 experience with Web3 mechanics, for example, in social media, content creation, distributed AI and identity management. Mover will become a universal, cross-chain solution, which empowers these projects by giving them the ability to reach a wider audience of many blockchains at once. Any project can become cross-chain by plugging into our adapters. Hundreds of projects will benefit from instant access to liquidity and communities of different chains.

Mover Networks

Mover combines the high TVL of older networks with the powerful tech of modern networks, unlocking new Web3 growth opportunities.

How will Mover choose networks to support? We divide all the chains into two groups:

  • High TVL: Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Arbitrum etc.
  • High Performance: Aptos, Sui, Fuel, StarkNet etc.

Our main mission is to allow developers of innovative dApps on High-Performance chains to use liquidity concentrated in conventional, High TVL blockchains. Mover is at the intersection of these two worlds, being not only a liquidity network but a fully functional cross-chain hub seamlessly merging these two worlds into crypto verse.

Our roadmap

  • Aptos Mainnet Q4 2022

Aptos is our first network. Building on Aptos has given us a lot of insights and allowed us to refine the design of Mover as a platform. As a first mainnet launch, we will connect Aptos and Ethereum.

  • Major EVM Mainnets Q1 2023

Next, we will deploy on the most liquid networks, the go-to chains and rollups for many DeFi users: Polygon, BSC, Arbitrum, OP, Avalanch, Fantom.

  • Sui Q1 2023

Sui, another high-performance Move-powered chain, will become a logical next step for Mover, which originated on Aptos.

  • zkSync Q1 2023

Since Mover’s team believe in the long-term success of zkEVMs, zkSync becomes the natural choice for us as the next L2 destination

  • Celestia Mainnet Q1 2023

Celestia will be the first modular blockchain supported by Mover.

  • Fuel Mainnet Q1 2023

We are looking closely at recent developments in the execution layers space, and FuelVM is one of the most promising of them. That’s why the Mover team is eager to be among the first to be on Fuel.

  • Interchain Adapter Release Q2 2023

The official release of Adapter SDK: dApps written in Move, Solidity and Sway can utilize Mover in a permissionless manner.

  • Cross-chain hub Q3 2023

Our own distributed cross-chain messaging and liquidity hub will improve capital efficiency and scale the interchain messaging capabilities of Mover.

Mover Tech

As a pioneer of crosschain-as-a-service, Mover pays special attention to the technological underpinning of our project. Our core design relies on two central pillars:

  • true light client
  • our own decentralized cross-chain infrastructure

Aptos bridge is just one of the demonstrations of the efficiency and reliability of our approach, which has been witnessed by our community during the Private Alpha. Many alpha testers have noticed how much faster our bridge is compared to the competition, a sentiment independently confirmed by technology partners from Tetragaze.

Bridging time comparison

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Mover, the first cross-chain bridge and messaging protocol that will connect Aptos to other blockchains.