Mover September Development Update

2 min readOct 11, 2023

Hello, Mover community! As September draws to a close, we are thrilled to update you on the exciting events that unfolded during this month. Furthermore, we are prepared to offer you in-depth information about our notable achievements. Stay tuned for all the details!

New $MOVER utility: Bridge Fee distribution

The Mover team has made significant efforts to improve the existing protocol. We are currently focusing not only on horizontal expansion, but also on deepening to maximize and optimize the processes within the protocol. The utility of the $MOVER token plays an important role in the performance of the protocol as a whole. Therefore, we are currently devoting significant attention to it, making it a high priority.

From now on, we are pleased to announce that all $veMOVER holders will receive 25% percent of the profit generated by the bridge through transactions made by users utilizing the protocol.

It’s worth reminding you that you can acquire $veMOVER tokens by staking $MOVER tokens in the staking section of the Mover application.

Key questions related to the distribution of fees from the Mover protocol.

Below, we will discuss the most important topics related to fee distribution in the Mover protocol.

1. In which tokens are the fees distributed?
In the Mover protocol, fees are distributed in $MOVER tokens.

2. How frequently are the $MOVER tokens distributed?
$MOVER tokens are distributed on a daily basis.

3. At what rate are tokens converted into Mover tokens just before distribution?
$MOVER tokens are distributed at the current market rate at the time of distribution.

4. From bridging fees in which networks does the protocol distribute fees?
Currently, the fee is distributed exclusively from transactions sent from the Aptos network to any other network.

5. How will the earned tokens be distributed?
Tokens earned within the fee distribution program will be automatically distributed, meaning you won’t need to request them in any way.

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