Mover Tokenomics

5 min readDec 9, 2022


Tokenomics defines how token creates economic value. More specifically, tokenomics describes the use and the source value of the token, its creation and distribution parameters, supply and demand dynamics, incentive mechanisms, burnout schedules, etc.

This article describes tokenomics of the $MOVER token, including its utility and revenue-generating deflationary mechanics. So, let’s get down to business and see how $MOVER has been designed to deliver value to its holders.

Mover Token Details

The basic parameters of $MOVER are as follows:

  • Token Name: Mover
  • Symbol: $MOVER
  • Blockchain: Aptos
  • The total supply: 100,000,000 $MOVER
  • Initial Market Cap is: $828 000

Token Allocation

We have worked hard to derive optimal allocation parameters that will ensure the healthy growth of $MOVER’s price.

Being a community-first project, we allocated the largest share to Community & Growth (45%). Some part of these tokens will be used to reward early adopters and community OGs, who have always supported and inspired us.

The IDO allocation is only 3%. This will give our community members more access to $MOVER price development, income sharing, governance and utility while preserving a low initial market cap. These tokens will be initially sold on our own IDO platform and later through launchpad partners.

To make it even more sustainable, we minimized post-TGE selling pressure by reducing the seed round to a mere 7%.

Token Vesting

For us, community matters most. This is reflected in our vesting schedules. All public sale tokens will be released in one month (100% unlock). At the same time, our seed investors will have just 3% available at TGE and 3 years of linear unlock, which is the longest vesting period for $MOVER. We truly believe in the long-term success of the project, that’s why we as a Mover team won’t have access to our tokens for a year after TGE.

Mover Token Utility

The long-term success of any token depends on its utility. That’s why $MOVER has 6 distinct utility mechanics, which were carefully crafted to create lasting demand and incentivize holding.

  1. Reduce Bridging Fees: reduce or completely pay bridging fees with the $MOVER token.
  2. Stake to Earn: stake $MOVER token to earn % of the bridging fees collected by the protocol. Users can stake $MOVER token with a time-lock to receive $veMOVER. The longer the lock period, the more $veMOVER tokens the user receives, the max period is 4 years. Each week 25% of the bridging fees is distributed to $veMOVER holders in stablecoins.
  3. Boosted LP rewards: $veMOVER will enable voting for boosted rewards for liquidity providers along with bribing mechanics, which will become an additional source of income for holders
  4. Dual staking: enable a totally new model of Tokenomics yield and utility for a project that will use Mover cross-chain messaging protocol: Mover-enabled dApp native tokens will be able to secure their cross-chain messaging by staking their token along with $MOVER.

This game-changing mechanics of $MOVER has the potential to allow every dApp that owns a sufficient amount of $MOVER token to build Proof-of-Stake-type revenue streams by creating staking revenue streams to their native tokens: staking our $MOVER tokens and staking of native dApp tokens to participate in cross-chain transactions validation.

We expect this to be our most innovative feature as it can create huge demand for our token from other dApps and create never seen synergy (especially with GameFi and DeFi projects). There will be a lot of attention to this tokenomic model once the builders of dApps start to understand the potential of this mechanic.

5. Governance: stake $MOVER token and use $veMOVER to participate in DAO voting on key tokenomics issues (buybacks and burning, fees, incentives), pools that will receive boosted dual incentive rewards: bridging fees + $MOVER token.

6. Buybacks: we will regularly buyback and burn tokens using bridging fees collected by the protocol

Mover’s Roadmap

Our main mission is to allow developers of innovative dApps on High-Performance chains to use liquidity concentrated in conventional, High TVL blockchains. Mover is at the intersection of these two worlds, being not only a liquidity network but a fully functional cross-chain hub seamlessly merging these two worlds into crypto verse.

We’ll move from supporting Aptos and major EVM chains towards Sui, zkSync and Fuel, and then. The detailed roadmap is available here.

Mover Team

Behind Mover are a global, tight-knit team of multi-talented, experienced and crypto-native entrepreneurs, engineers, researchers and marketing experts. We’re committed to recruiting the brightest talents and leading industry experts to help us continue to bring our cross-chain vision to life.

Our R&D team consists of seasoned blockchain developers and crypto innovators with vast experience in developing cutting-edge protocols for Ethereum, Near, Flow, Aurora and other ecosystems. Our team has in-depth expertise in developing smart contracts, building mission-critical fintech services, conducting security audits, running risk management in major DEXs and bringing bleeding-edge cryptography into production to power the next-gen DeFi applications.


We initially approached the topic of investment very carefully as our first and foremost priority was to avoid selling pressure from our early investors immediately after the TGE. To protect against this, we have decided to split our fundraising into two separate segments. In one of them, we raised capital in the seed round: we sold 7% of our tokens to investors from Master Ventures, Brilliance Ventures, Next Capital and other venture capitalists. In the second, we collect funds for equity, which is typically the prerogative of a traditional business, there we worked with Consensus, Highspeed Partners and others.

Our socials and contacts

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Mover, the first cross-chain bridge and messaging protocol that will connect Aptos to other blockchains.